Why I can’t check and prevent such mistake?


Today, I found that I have overlooked a careless mistake done by my subordinate, as a result, the quarter end result, I mean the profit is overstated.
Although my department head not claim my fraud, I still feeling sad and can’t accept the fact. Where my eyes? Why I can’t check and prevent such mistake.
I am hard to sleep.
God must bless me. God muss let me learn something from this case. I only wait and let God tell me what and how to face it.

So Ki

So Ki:

Thanks for your letter! So Ki, do you feel guilty because you’ve overlooked a careless mistake but your department head did not claim your fraud? Do you feel angry as well because you think you should not commit any mistake? I have a feeling that you have a sense of failure now.
So Ki, I appreciate that you are a prudent people. But, in the same time, you’ve given yourself an unrealistically high standard. Do you think you cannot have any mistake? But, is it possible that a people would not commit ANY mistake? No! It’s impossible! You are a HUMAM. You make mistake sometimes. I understand that this incident may result in harmful effect to your job as well as your company, however, there is one thing is much crucial. That is HOW CAN YOU TURN THIS INCIDENT INTO YOUR SUCCESS. Your future is not yet determined. You still have chance to create your future. For example, this incident may significantly affect how your boss evaluates your performance. But, you still have chance to change his attitude by doing better job next time. Don’t forget — being positive is a choice. You can give yourself a chance. Stop blaming yourself. You can start over from here.
Last, Philippians 3:13 says 「But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead」. Straining toward what is ahead. There is prize waiting for you to win.